Kids Unlimited Starter Membership

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Let us tell you why this is an irresistible offer!

Most gyms will charge close to $200 a month, $100 activation fee, $100 uniform fee, and a long term contract.

Our "Kids Unlimited Starter Membership" is only $99 for an entire month
of Unlimited training.
-No Activation Fee
-No Uniform Fee
-No Mandatory Contracts
-No Commitments
-Unlimited Access to every kids class on the schedule 
(Advanced Classes are Invite Only)

This is the perfect way to see if you and your child enjoy our program. If you do want to continue after the first month we have a variety of membership options to choose from that start as low as $99 a month.

After your first training session you will fall in love with our Dojo, our Coaches, and our Community.
Start your child's Martial Arts Journey today!